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Dare To Know Publications

Dare to Know Publications is an official student club of Western Sydney University.

Founded in 2013 by a small group of students, the Club aims to promote community engagement through student publishing.  The Club strives to create interaction between academics,  industry professionals and community members that provide networking and skill building opportunities for students. Dare to Know Publications is platform of communication that allows students to pursue their passion and gain practical skills associated with their studies. Celebrating diversity and critical thinking, Dare to Know Publications is the living embodiment of the motto, "Sapere Aude" - Dare to Know.

Dare to Know Publications is proud to have two student-led productions: Sapere Aude and Bitesize Law

Chief Editor: Marija Yelavich
Head of Design: Aldain Austria
Managing Director: Terese Garbo
Senior Editor: Emma Nichelsen



  • Highly Commended at the annual Vice-Chancellor's Excellence Awards
  • Dare to Know Publications was recognised as the Best Club (Parramatta)